Top 10 Baby Swaddle Blankets

  • By: Millie Zeiler
  • Date: June 8, 2023

When factoring in the Top 10 Baby Swaddle Blankets, the first two qualities that come to mind are comfort and quality. This doesn’t always mean they’re the most expensive swaddling blankets on the market but the tried and true that have proven themselves to be exactly what babies need. Whatever designs parents wish to have as a theme for their baby’s blanket is up to them. With so many options in that regard to choose from, it’s easy enough to pick a favorite and run with it. On the same note, if there is a variety of interests and it’s difficult to choose just one, bear in mind as luxurious as some swaddle blankets have been known to be, they still need to be washed. So, while one is getting cleaned, you should have at least another one or two just to make sure your baby doesn’t go without.

Swaddle Blanket History

The use of swaddle blankets has been a practice of wrapping infants in blankets that go as far back as ancient biblical times. Swaddling blankets were normally used to restrict an infant’s movement. This was a practice used by parents who were either transporting their babies while on a lengthy journey or when it was time for them to sleep. This was a practice that eventually fell out of favor in the seventeenth century as arguments came up that raised safety concerns where babies are concerned. It is still a subject of debate today.

Among those in favor, their side of the argument pointed out that while a baby sleeps in a supine position, this lowers the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. At the same time, those against swaddle blankets disagree over the SIDS issue. They also share concerns about developmental dysplasia of the hip that has been connected to the use of swaddle blankets.

If you’re unsure what a swaddle blanket is, it’s technically a sack or thin blanket to help a baby feel more secure as they sleep. Swaddling blankets keep babies calm and in place, as they get in on as much sleep as they can while they’re in this stage. This usually takes place while they’re still newborns and it shares the closest thing to the warmth of a woman’s womb as it gets. As the baby begins to show signs of rolling over, this is when it’s time to stop swaddling. Usually, this takes place around three to four months into the baby’s development. Despite the arguments, the benefits of a swaddling blanket include keeping a baby from hitting themselves in the face as they have yet to learn how to control their arms while they’re sleeping.

At the newborn stage, babies are prone to a startle reflex that will cause them to experience an unpleasant wake-up call. Swaddle blankets also help settle a baby down when they seem to be a bit too hyper for their own good. During ancient times, swaddling blankets were essential to ensure a baby’s safety while traveling. Back then, people traveled for at least a few hours just to get to a specific destination. The bouncing around of an unrestrained baby meant increased safety risks that could either lead to serious injury or death. Swaddling blankets at the time helped reduce those risks considerably. The only real safety issue swaddle blankets posed at that time was understanding how to properly wrap up their babies.

Learning to Swaddle

There are two ways to swaddle a baby. One is with a convenient swaddle sack while another is a thin blanket. Should the thin blanket be chosen, odds are the hospital won’t let you leave without learning how to properly use it to safely wrap your baby in. You don’t want the blanket to be too tight but you also don’t want it to be too loose. There should be enough room at the bottom of the blanket that will allow your baby’s legs to bend up and away from their body. Ideally, you want to avoid the common complications of hip dysplasia when it comes to newborns. This complication usually occurs when the baby is wrapped too tightly and their legs are forced to point straight down. This ends up loosening the joints, which damages the soft cartilage of the hip sockets.

Preferably, when using a swaddling blanket, stick to something thin. When setting it up for your baby, make sure it’s first laid out on a flat surface. Take a top corner and fold it down about six inches in order to form a straight edge. From there, place your baby on their back so the top of the fabric is at shoulder level. Make sure your baby’s left arm is down before pulling the corner of the blanket near their left hand over their arm and chest.

Tuck the leading edge under the baby’s back on its right side. After this, bring your baby’s right arm down and pull the corner of the blanket near their right hand over their arm and chest. Tuck this piece of cloth under their left side. You then either twist or fold the bottom end of the blanket so you can tuck it loosely behind your baby. Make sure both legs are able to bend up and away from the body. Also, make sure they can move their hips and their legs can move about naturally. Ideally, you want at least two fingers to be able to sit between your baby’s chest and the swaddle. When putting your baby down to sleep, make sure they’re on their back. This is vital if you want to minimize the odds of (SIDS).

The practice of using swaddling blankets with babies has been known to continue as late as six months. Usually, parents make a practice of ending the swaddling process once their babies become strong enough to roll themselves over, even when wrapped inside a swaddle blanket. This normally occurs when babies are about three to four months old. This becomes evident when the baby’s kicks have become more forceful and are able to roll from their back to their tummies.

The moment you see this, this is when you want to start weening your baby away from using swaddle blankets. For many, stopping cold turkey may not be an option. Odds are they may not like it at first as this takes them out of their comfort zone. Some parents have been known to gradually ween their parents away from swaddle blankets by adding the allowance of arm movement while still wrapped up. There are also larger swaddle blankets available for babies up to six months old. Even at this age, it is wise to make sure babies are placed on their backs when it’s time for them to catch up on some sleep.

Top 10 Baby Swaddle Blankets

#10 – Purrycub Muslin Swaddle Blanket (3 Pack)

What you’re going to find in this list of top baby swaddle blankets is the mention of muslin as a fabric. This has become an increasingly favored material used by parents who’ve come to learn how effective it is when it comes to offering comfort and safety to their babies. Purrycub’s collection of muslin swaddle blankets is made with this delicate handwoven fabric as a square linen cloth that makes it easy to fold over and tuck when securing babies, snug as a bug.

The practice of swaddle blankets isn’t just some modern-day phenomenon that has become a new form of parenting. This was done as far back as ancient times as soon as parents realized this was the safest way to ensure their baby’s comfort and safety was as optimal as possible. As a brand, Purrycub seems relatively new but has already been making a solid name for itself, thanks to the quality level of these blankets and the positive reviews they’ve been receiving from an increasing list of happy customers.

#9 – LifeTree Baby Swaddle Blankets

Made from one hundred percent organic cotton, these LifeTree baby swaddle blankets come from a company that has a niche in providing high-quality baby-related products. Very little information is known about the company itself but its collection of swaddle blankets and made-for-baby linen has been winning over parents that have turned LifeTree into a rising star, at least with Amazon.

#8 – Fern & Avery Swaddle Blankets

Sold in a package of three on sites like Amazon, the Fern & Avery swaddle blankets are made from one hundred percent organic cotton. Designed as a muslin blanket, this means the measurements are forty-seven inches by forty-seven inches as a perfect square. This has become an increasingly popular option among parents as they learn about this delicate fabric that originally got its name from the Iraqi city, Mosul. Long before they were used to design modern-day swaddle blankets, muslin was a handspun yarn that was shipped to South Asia’s Bengal region. They would then be imported into Europe as the fabric of choice used in clothing items and linen throughout the seventeenth century. Nowadays, the traditional art of weaving muslin is in Bangladesh. This is the same fabric typically used in sarees and is becoming one of the most popular fabrics sold at various marketplaces worldwide.

#7 – Comfy Cubs Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Comfy Cubs has a niche in producing quality swaddle blankets for babies ranging from newborns to six months old. Normally, it would be advised to stop using swaddle blankets on babies after they’re about three or four months old. However, sometimes there is a weening process that’s used to coax your baby away from the reliance on swaddling blankets. Babies love the snuggles so when this starts to become less frequent, especially when it’s sleep time, they’re not too happy to have the mother’s womb equivalent taken away from them. What’s also nice about these swaddle blankets is the usefulness they have even after they outlived their cocoon-like purpose.

Sold as a set of four, you shouldn’t have to worry about making sure you always have a clean blanket for your baby to sleep with. The concept behind Comfy Cubs came from two dads, Mendel Eichenblatt and Jacob Sufrin. It was their vision to give parents and caregivers nursery essentials that were just as friendly to the planet and pocketbooks as they are for babies. Founded in 2017 by these two men, Comfy Cubs is currently headquartered in North Miami, Florida.

#6 – Comfy Cubs Swaddle Blankets

Shaped as a sleep sack, this swaddle blanket from Comfy Cubs makes it easy to safely wrap up your baby without worrying about how each corner of the blanket is supposed to tuck properly in order to do the job. The velcro used to secure the tabs in place as you bundle up your little one also makes your job easier to secure your baby inside its blanket’s soft texture. Most of the time, using swaddling blankets on babies is recommended to stop after about three or four months. These swaddle blankets also come in slightly larger sizes that can accommodate babies up to six months old. The fabric is made from pure cotton so this makes it a breathable product that will safely cater to your baby without causing issues. Usually sold in a box that has three of these as a package, you will be able to access a swaddle blanket while the other is in the wash.

#5 – Upsimples Baby Swaddle Blankets

Sold on sites like Amazon, the upsimples baby swaddle blankets have been the ultimate go-to favorites among parents who want something made with care from high-quality fabrics. These breathable blankets are seventy percent bamboo and thirty percent cotton. They’re incredibly soft and thin, which is exactly what your baby needs when it comes to safety and comfort. When you can get them in a set, even better.

What makes a swaddle blanket even better is its versatility. Even after they outlived their usefulness as a swaddling blanket, these can be used for just about anything. The best swaddle blankets should be something that gives you as much bang for your buck as possible. Usually, babies no longer need a swaddling blanket after they’ve reached three months of age. By then, the blanket can later be used as a simple cover for anything from a lightweight blanket or play mat.

#4 – Exclusivo Mezcla Waffle Textured Fleece Baby Blanket

Since 2015, Exclusivo Mezcla has run an online business that specializes in home textiles. This includes its waffle textured fleece baby blanket, which has become a big favorite for shoppers heading to sites like Amazon in the quest to find great baby shower gift ideas. As a swaddling blanket, this works great as a soft and comfy option when it comes to securing a baby when it’s sleep time. The size range of these blankets allows parents to use these as swaddling blankets as young as newborns.

Made from microfiber polyester, this is a blanket that’s soft and breathable. Among the swaddle blankets on the list, this is the only one that comes in sizes large enough to fit an adult’s king-sized bed. Ideally, you want a swaddle blanket to be lightweight but feel luxurious at the same time. While Exclusivo Mezcla may not focus squarely on baby-related products, they do know the importance of achieving a good night’s rest. On major shopping sites like Amazon, well over twenty thousand satisfied customers are in agreement this company’s lineup of swaddle blankets is among the best of the best.

#3 – Momcozy Muslin Swaddle Blankets

The seventy percent bamboo, plus the thirty percent cotton has become the fabric combination of choice when it comes to swaddle blankets. The reason for this is that they’re thin, soft, and breathable. This has become increasingly favored over swaddle blankets that are made from one hundred percent organic cotton. Usually, these swaddle blankets are sold in a package of four, making it easy to make sure you always have at least one clean one handy for your baby when they need it. Since 2017, Momcozy has been in the business of catering to moms and babies. Their first product was the Momcozy Breast Pump Bra and have since expanded their collection of quality products.

#2 – HALO Cotton Sleep Sack

HALO has their swaddle sleep sacks at the top of the baby blanket chain on sites like Amazon for a good reason. With nearly thirty thousand positive reviews, this has become a highly favored item when it comes to stocking up on essentials for the baby’s nursery. These swaddle blankets are designed to make it as easy as possible for parents and caregivers to wrap up a baby without experiencing any complications. What makes these so popular is the versatility of a blanket design that offers three options that work with your baby and their sleep pattern.

What’s ideal about this blanket is it’ll transition with your baby as they grow out of the swaddling stage. Instead of forcing them to stop cold turkey, the gradual introduction to sleeping without a swaddle blanket becomes easier. Once the swaddling stage has come to a full end, it can still be worn as a blanket as the baby gets older. This is the swaddle blanket that’s used the most often by hospitals as the medical staff expertly tuck in the little ones.

#1 – Love To Dream Swaddle UP

From Love To Dream, this isn’t your ordinary swaddle blanket. Swaddle UP works more as a baby-oriented sleeping bag than a swaddle sack or blanket. The breathable cotton fabric and the contour design of the Swaddle UP has become a real winner among parents who want the best of two worlds for their baby. The first is to secure their safety by preventing the startle reflex from disturbing their baby’s sleep.

At the same time, they don’t want their baby’s movement so restricted that it prevents them from moving their little body parts around. Swaddle blankets that are too tight or too loose simply won’t do. The Swaddle UP deals with this problem as it allows the baby to move their arms around naturally. The cotton fabric is soft and stretchy that’s snug and loose at the same time. This particular design really pays attention to your baby’s pressure points and comfort. It has also been winning over parents and caregivers who find this unique design a real breakthrough when it comes to their baby’s comfort and safety during sleep time.

Love To Dream began its journey in 2008 as an Australian-based story that had Hana-Lia Krawchuk learn the hard way not all swaddle blankets are created equal. After eighteen months of virtually no sleep after the birth of her son, Elijah, she realized it wasn’t so easy to calm him down enough to get some decent rest. She and her family spent hundreds of dollars, trying to find the perfect solution that would put an end to this nightmare. This led to the creation of the Newborn to Toddler Sleep System. This trademarked product came to Hana when she observed whenever Elijah slept well it was with his arms up.

This observation gave her cause to do some research, which included medical science confirming babies sleep better when they have access to their hands for self-soothing. Before becoming a mother, Hana was already an experienced fashion designer. She put her skills and research to good use which would ultimately bring forth her signature product, Swaddle UP. It didn’t take long before it became a big hit in the stores of Sydney, Australia. This new approach to swaddle blankets sold out in just two weeks.

Encouraged by what she knew was the start of Love To Dream’s climb to global success, Hana has brought Love To Dream to what it is today, which is a global phenom when it comes to making these signature baby blankets. In 2017, it was a top twenty winner of Australia’s Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow Award. It’s an award that recognizes Australia’s top innovators and leaders when it comes to the financial future of that nation.

Now as a product available worldwide, eager parents are learning how valuable the Swaddle UP blankets by Love To Dream are. What Hana accomplished as an experienced parent and as a designer is the ideal solution no other baby product experts have come up with that measures up to what makes Swaddle UP so great. This is pure genius, as well as worthy to be called the best of the best.

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