Top 10 Animals Themes For Babies

  • By: Millie Zeiler
  • Date: May 28, 2023

The top 10 animals themes for babies were inspired by the connection the youngest members of the human race have with a variety of creatures. Whether it be in cartoon form, a stuffed animal, or the real thing, babies tend to have a fixation on specific animals that stand out. It should be no surprise that conglomerates such as Disney, Fisher-Price, and Hasbro have established retail empires when it comes to baby-related products. While animals may not be the only images they go with, they are among the most popular. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a baby’s nursery decorated with at least one favorite animal to be found. Most of those favorites are featured in our list. Maybe yours is among them. If not, bear in mind the list comes from a collection of resources based on customer reviews and the number of products sold featuring that specific animal.

Top 10 Animal Themes for Babies

#10 – Cats

Cats are a favorite pet among many households for good reason. Usually, babies are mesmerized by cats. These animals are beautiful and graceful, making them an easy choice to doll up a nursery with kitties. As stuffed animals, at least there is no litter training required. There are several homes that already have pets as members of their family before a newborn baby arrives. Among households that have cats as pets, there is a good bet the nursery will have some kind of cat theme going on. In addition to their elegance, cats are also noted for their comedic effect. The first year of a baby is loaded with wonderment. An agile, playful cat can capture a baby’s attention with ease. The sillier the cat, the more the baby will be drawn to it. This not only applies to the feline creatures themselves but the decor options of a baby’s nursery.

#9 – Giraffes

Perhaps it’s the long neck that makes giraffes especially appealing. Add the spotty coat and these creatures consistently remain one of the favorites for babies, children, and even adults. There is something about their easygoing nature that earns them the right to be called the gentle giants of the animal kingdom. Thanks to those long necks and their long legs, an adult male giraffe typically grows to be over eighteen inches tall. As a toy, giraffes are incredibly popular. The most popular would be Sophie, a world-famous toy that makes the perfect teether for infants. There is nothing spectacular about Sophie other than she is made from Hevea rubber. The origin of this toy comes from France after it was first introduced in 1961 as Sophie la Girafe. This particular giraffe got its name after the feast day of Saint Madeleine Sophie Bara, which was launched on May 25, 1961. In France, Sophie the Giraffe has become an icon. After Sophie made her Hollywood debut as a baby toy in 1987’s Three Men and a Baby, her popularity in the United States soared to new heights. In 2009, Sophie the Giraffe was regarded as the product of the year by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association.

Overall, the popularity of giraffes as a theme for babies extends beyond a toy. The giraffe has the luxury of not only having a tall stance and a long neck but coming across as a somewhat silly-looking animal. Standing straight up, giraffes look elegant, fragile, and somewhat alien with the two horns sitting at the top of the head. With the neck, as soon as it bends, the rubberband effect seems to tickle the funny bone of adults and kids. The face of a giraffe is also appealing between the gentle-looking eyes and a mouth that always appears to be smiling. On occasion, it will also hang its tongue out, which also seems to have an amusing effect on people who notice.

#8 – Monkeys

According to some scientists, monkeys have a closer relationship with human beings than any other form of animal on the planet. Both are regarded as primates. However, not all monkeys are exactly equal to each other. Some are terrestrial, like baboons and gorillas. This means they prefer to move on the ground. Arboreal primates, like lemurs and new/old world monkeys, are the primates who are tree dwellers. Chimpanzees do both but are technically regarded as terrestrial as they are part of the great apes’ category.

This gave some people cause to believe human beings were the result of evolved chimps. While chimpanzees share over ninety-eight recent of the same DNA as humans, the only thing we have in common with each other is an ancestry that seems to date as far back as the beginning of time. While other ape-like creatures seem to come close to sharing the same level of similarities as human beings, the chimpanzees remain on top as the closest. Despite this, there are key differences between both species.

As far as a baby seems to be concerned, the New World monkeys seem to be the hands-down favorite. These are primates that have tails and typically swing on trees. When they’re acting up and having fun, their cuteness comes out full throttle. Babies are drawn to this. So are kids and adults. When visiting a zoo, exhibits featuring these particular monkeys usually draw in the biggest crowd. Usually, when a baby sees a monkey, even if it’s just a toy, the eyes light up. No wonder they’re so popular with parents.

#7 – Elephants

Elephants, especially babies, are among the most popular animals on the planet. If the circus is in town, elephants are usually among the top attractions people come to see. Walt Disney banked on this with 1941’s Dumbo, the baby elephant with unusually big ears. In zoos, elephants were also a highlight as visitors couldn’t help themselves but be drawn to this beautiful creature. The long trunk is what makes them so appealing. Aside from the hose-like movement they’re known for, they also have the ability to pick up objects and move them around. The machinery used in construction and landscaping mimics the elephant’s movement with a crane that operates much like those trunks. Much like a hose, these trunks can pick up water and elevate it before spraying it out like a quick shower. Through the eyes of a baby, this is awesome. Even kids and adults find this one of the most appealing traits of the animal. As part of a nursery decorating scheme, elephants are usually one of the most popular choices among parents.

#6 – Lions

Regarded as a king, lions have been a major fan favorite for babies, kids, and adults around the world. Between their strong bodies and majestic manes, it’s easy to see why they seem so lovable. Although lions could have been clustered with the rest of the felines, there is a unique quality to these creatures that set them apart. Tigers could probably fit this category as well but between them and lions, the lions always seem to reign supreme. Babies seem to be drawn to the lush manes belonging to a lion as it circles around its head. This feature, however, only exists among male lions. Unlike cats and tigers, they have rounded ears and a hairy tuft at the end of their tails. As babies, both the males and the females share the same maneless characteristics. There are even some male lions that won’t grow a big mane and this is usually due to the environment they grew up in. The warmer the climate, the less likely the male lion needs all that extra hair to stay warm. It is the majestic manes, however, that win over a baby’s attention every single time. Baby lions are also cute as they are just as popular as their adult counterparts.

#5 – Horses

The only thing that physically tells a horse apart from unicorns is the joust-like horn that comes out of the forehead. Overall, the magnificent beauty of a horse has made it one of the all-time favorites as an animal worldwide. The love of horses has been so extreme that separating it from its human companion would be a crime punishable by death. This was certainly the case during the era of the American Wild West. Long before automobiles, horses were used as a primary means of transportation among people. Although mules and cattle were used as well, no animal commanded nearly the same amount of respect as a horse. Horses were (and still are) favorite animals used in various entertainment venues such as circuses, racing, and rodeos. Whenever there is a carnival in town, visitors had the option to either ride real ponies or the carousel that featured a collection of painted horses.

Babies seem to love horses the moment they see them. What’s not to love? They’re elegant, fast, and powerful. That love never really goes away, either. Among adults, horses remain on top as one of their favorite animals. Their beauty and strength often serve as a source of inspiration for human beings to achieve the same thing for themselves. As part of a decoration scheme for nurseries, horses have a tremendous amount of versatility to work with. Among ranchers, horses are a way of life. For city folk, horses typically serve as a symbol of unbridled freedom. From a baby’s point of view, horses are really cool as they have so much going for them. Their parents tend to feel the same way as there seems to be no real limit when decorating with horses. In fact, one of the most popular items put into a nursery is a rocking horse.

#4 – Dogs

How often do you hear the quote, “Dogs are a man’s best friend?” According to many babies and their parents, this is apparently true. With such a variety of dogs to choose from, these animals are hard to beat as a favorite decoration option for a baby’s nursery. As puppies, dogs are incredibly adorable, just like babies. It’s not unusual for parents to invest in a puppy at the same time they bring a newborn to their home. While this practice has also been known to take place with kittens, dogs still remain superior as a family pet choice. Dogs are known for their loyalty, which is appealing to dog-loving parents. For them, they somewhat serve as low-cost babysitters. Just keep up with the food and water and it’s all good. Dogs will let their masters know when something isn’t right. They will also protect the baby against anything they see as a threat.

On average, babies are practically in love with dogs at first sight. Whether it’s a real animal that becomes their best friend or comes in the form of a toy, babies seem naturally drawn to dogs. Decorating a baby’s nursery with a dog theme has been one of the favorites among parents who share a mutual fondness for the animal.

#3 – Bunnies

With big floppy ears and big floppy feet, it’s hard not to fall in love with bunnies. The commercialized Easter holiday revolves around a special bunny that lays chocolate eggs for children as a treat. According to some religious beliefs, rabbits represent fertility. Whenever there is an explosion of babies joining a certain population, “breeding like rabbits” is usually the popular phrase used to describe it. The cultural influence of bunnies definitely played a key role in the overall popularity of this animal. However, there is no denying the cute factor of a bunny. They’re so cute and so soft that it is hard not to love one. Those rounded tails look like furry snowballs which merely adds to this animal’s popularity level, as do the long whiskers on its face. Overall, the mix of its own brand of pop culture and the undeniable cuteness of bunnies make it easy to understand why they’d be a favorite theme to work with for a baby’s nursery.

#2 – Sheep

Especially among certain religious groups, baby sheep are one of the all-time animal favorites when it comes to decorating a baby’s nursery. Even without the involvement of religion, the appeal of lambs consistently puts it at the top of the list among parents. Among babies, they are especially drawn to lambs. When it comes to lullabies and nursery rhymes, lambs are usually the animals used the most often. Should children have difficulty falling asleep, one of the most common pieces of advice they receive is to count sheep. For some reason, sheep seem to be the “go-to” animal whenever there is a need to calm down and relax. Perhaps it is the calming appearance of a fluffy lamb that does the trick.

Of all the creatures belonging to the animal kingdom, sheep come across as the least threatening. They also happen to be incredibly cute. Their wooly coat is also associated with soft warmth. Full-grown sheep have this coat sheered off from time to time by their handlers for a few reasons. That wool is often used to make items such as blankets and clothing so that human beings can enjoy the benefits of this luxurious material. Those human beings include babies as nothing seems cozier than a warm wooly blanket that’s super soft to the touch. It comes as no surprise sheep are among the favorite animals chosen to decorate a baby’s nursery.

#1 – Bears

Usually, the moment someone learns about a pregnancy, bears come to mind. The most popular version of these creatures is baby bears. It doesn’t matter what subspecies of bear it is, either. The toy industry capitalized on the popularity of these animals with the introduction of teddy bears. Although there are many different forms of stuffed animals, the bears are still the most popular choice today. The identity of teddy bears originally came from United States President Theodore Roosevelt. Nicknamed “Teddy,” he earned this after a bear-hunting incident he experienced in 1902. It was during a competition where one of his colleagues meant well in his attempt to appease the president but Roosevelt refused to engage in what he felt was unsportsmanlike conduct. This wound up becoming an introduction to pop culture as a cartoon was first featured in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902.

This led to the inspiration of creating a tiny soft teddy bear cub that was placed in a candy shop in Brooklyn, New York. It came with a sign, “Teddy’s bear.” The popularity of this item enabled its creator, Morris Michtom, to start up his own company, Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. While this was taking place, a stuffed bear was also designed in 1902 in Germany by Richard Steiff. An investor from New York who visited the country ordered three thousand of these bears to be imported to the United States. Both versions of these stuffed teddy bears became huge hits with the buying public. This began a rivalry between Michtom and Steiff that worked in the favor of the average consumer.

The popularity of teddy bears exploded and it was a phenomenon that never faded away. In fact, bears became the most popular animal of choice among parents when it came to anything to do with their babies. This interest extended beyond teddy bears. As the course of history continued, the opportunities to use bears as a marketing tool to win over expecting parents was a practice mastered by toy-making companies such as Fisher-Price and Hasbro. Although additional animals were introduced as stuffed animals, not one has yet to officially dethrone the almighty teddy bear.

As a theme for a baby’s nursery, bears are sold the most often. With baby registries, bears are marked down as the top animal of choice among parents looking to go with a specific theme for their baby. Even when not chosen as a gift preference, bears have consistently remained at the top of the ladder when it comes to themed baby-related gifts.

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