10 Must Have Items On Your Baby Registry

  • By: Millie Zeiler
  • Date: March 14, 2023

There are ten must-have items on your baby registry that deserve to be your top priority as an expecting parent. The excitement of a new member to the family is often met with a list of needs for your baby that needs to be covered before their arrival. Like planning a wedding, planning for a baby can sometimes feel like an overwhelming experience. In all honesty, it doesn’t have to be. When creating a baby registry, some of the best registry sites already provide a good list of products and suggestions for you to go over, making sure you don’t miss anything. It is good practice, as soon as you learn you’re expecting, to create a baby registry before you start spreading the good news. By doing so, you’ve already made one positive step forward to ensure your baby’s needs are met.

As the top priority on your baby registry list, basic needs should always come first. This is especially the case when you’re on a tight budget. The sooner the must-haves are taken care of, the sooner you can relax as the baby’s due date inches closer. While the must-haves are pretty much the same for every expecting parent, sometimes it boils down to a matter of personal preferences. For instance, some parents believe in disposable diapers while others choose cloth. Favoring one over the other comes down to whatever you think is best as a parent getting ready to raise a child according to what you believe is best. This also includes the top ten baby registry items. What determines a need is primarily based on what your parental instinct suggests your baby needs most. Like adults, no two babies are exactly alike. What seems like a need for one may be looked at as a luxury by another. However, there are ten items that do come to mind that are the most common must-haves.

10 Must-Have Items on Your Baby Registry List

#1 – Baby Carrier (Stroller)

Your bundle of joy needs a safe carrier for you to bring around as you go out and about as a new parent. There are excellent carriages and strollers that are designed to be multipurpose, making it easy to make adjustments according to how you wish to transport your baby around. Ideally, you want a stroller that’s safe and comfortable for your baby. I don’t mean to sound biased here but when my closest cousin was expecting, the first thing I did was go on the hunt for a stroller. I ran to my neighbor to find out where she got her stroller because it was the most practical thing I ever saw. What was cool about the stroller was its breathability. It also came with a handy diaper bag, which felt like a nice little perk to go with what I felt was one of the best baby registry items money could buy.

#2 – Baby Linen (blankets & towels)

A baby’s warmth relies on more than just clothing. They also need blankets. Also, when it’s bath time for the baby, the warmth of a towel is also needed. There are also other linen needs such as facecloths and mattress coverings. A baby registry should include these items as linen is a necessity your baby can’t afford to do without. Your baby needs access to a blanket at all times. Whether it’s a receiving blanket or something for the crib, the playpen, or the stroller, these are handy items that should be soft and cozy enough for your baby to snuggle in.

#3 – Baby Monitor

Not every parent is likely to agree a baby monitor should be a must-have item on the registry list. However, this has proven to be one of the best investments for parents when it comes to a baby’s safety concerns. Since you can’t sit next to your baby 24/7, the handiness of a baby monitor can. When it comes to baby nap time, you are free to take care of whatever you need to do in another room without having to worry too much about their safety. The baby monitor allows you to listen for a sign of activity that needs your attention as you go about your business. Some baby monitors are rather high-tech now, thanks to cellphone technology constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done. At this point, it’s up to you if you want to keep things simple for about $20.00 USD or splurge at least $50.00 USD for a baby monitor that does more than audio coverage.

#4 – Bottles

Whether you’ve opted for the breastfeeding route or formula, your baby will need bottles. The need for liquids to keep your baby hydrated with nutritional fluid is essential for their health. A good supply of clean bottles for your baby to use should always be in the top ten of the registry list. The beginning of your baby’s lifecycle relies on bottles as a vital need to easily absorb nourishment in order to maintain optimal health at such a delicate age. Having just one bottle isn’t enough. You will need at least a few.

#5 – Clothing (including bibs)

Because babies outgrow clothes so incredibly fast, the need to have this important item handy at all times is a must. A baby’s comfort and warmth depend heavily on every clothing item from head to toe. When it comes to your baby registry, clothes are among the most practical items on the list. If this is your first child, this can be quite an expense. Among experienced parents that are expecting at least their second child, if they’re fortunate enough to have their firstborn’s baby clothes still around, great. Odds are the condition of those clothes is still like new if they were stored properly. This may also be the case when it comes to bibs. Although not technically considered a clothing item, bibs are typically worn much like how a shirt is worn. Like clothes, bibs are a must-have item. As cute as babies are when it comes to feeding time they can be rather messy. It’s not their fault since their little bodies are still in a vulnerable phase as it continues to grow and develop. Bibs serve as a protective barrier between the food particles and spit that comes out of your baby’s mouth and their clothing.

#6 – Crib

Usually, when a parent learns a newborn is on the way, finding a crib is the first thing that comes to mind. That’s the easy part. The hard part is sometimes finding the right one. When it comes to a baby’s safety, the most important piece of furniture for its nursery focuses on what a crib needs to be as a safe haven when it’s time for your baby to catch up on some zzzs. Aside from the crib itself, there are a number of accessories that go with it. Those include the mattress, padding, and sensory items (toys). Depending on your personal tastes and spending level, your baby’s crib can range from something simple to something luxurious. There are some baby registries that have a chip-in opportunity where family and friends can provide funds to have the purchase of the crib covered. There are even cribs that can be converted to a bed as your little one grows. In my personal opinion, if you are on a budget and you want something you can use for more than just a year or two, definitely go with the convertible crib.

#7 – Diapers

Probably the most expensive cost when it comes to baby care is diapers. Whether you go for disposables or washables, diapers are the most important item when it comes to caring for your baby. Unlike the rest of the human population, your baby doesn’t have the luxury to run off to the nearest bathroom when it’s time to go. Their little bodies haven’t developed enough just yet to start potty training so it’ll have to make do with diapers. Many baby registries have access to diaper subscription services, which comes in handy for parents who definitely need it. As a baby registry item, diapers sit at the top as a must-have as babies and their parents simply can’t do without them.  We recommend Pampers Pure. Click on the pic to get them at Amazon.

#8 – High Chair

When it’s mealtime that doesn’t involve breastfeeding, nothing beats the convenience of a high chair for your baby. This is a must-have for your baby registry and is usually one of the first items that come to mind when pooling together everything you need before the baby’s arrival into this world. From simple designs to complex, the investment in a high chair is similar to cribs and strollers. Ideally, you want something comfortable for both you and your baby as a feeding station. It also needs to be safe and secure. Once upon a time, high chair designs were limited to a singular purpose. Nowadays, you can invest in high chairs that are more versatile. Again, it comes down to what works best for you.

#9 – Money

As odd as the suggestion of money seems to be, it is handy having it around when an unexpected expense comes around. Most of the time, even as it seems every fundamental need for a baby is met, there is always something that pops up that will need some kind of monetary investment. For parents who already have to contend with a tight budget, listing money on your baby registry isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it is probably the most honest must-have item on the list. Like adults, babies have daily needs too. That costs money. Furthermore, babies grow very fast. The need to keep up with food and clothing doesn’t come free so if you’re able to ask for and save money as part of your baby’s registry, this is a really good idea. Money is also handy to have around should an unexpected emergency come about that puts your baby in a situation that may cost more than a few dollars. If you’re fortunate enough to avoid emergencies, that money can always be forwarded as a trust fund for your baby. Sites like Plumfund offer this kind of fundraising service. However, even your own bank is just as capable of setting something up on behalf of your baby.


#10 – Nursery Healthcare & Grooming Kit

Basically, a nursery healthcare and grooming kit should have items that treat your baby’s hygiene needs. Although you could buy the items separately, the convenience of a fully equipped kit ensures you have everything your baby needs from head to toe, literally. From hair care to nail care to oral care, the best kits have this all covered. They will also have a thermometer so you can check your baby’s temperature, especially if a health issue such as a cold or fever decides to cause a complication.

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