10 Best Thoughts On What To Write On A Baby Shower Card

10 Best Thoughts On What To Write On A Baby Shower Card

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The 10 best thoughts on what to write on a baby shower card should first take into consideration their parent’s point of view when it comes to cultural and social influences. Has the baby been born into a household that practices a specific religion? Perhaps the baby is going to be raised by a parent that wants nothing to do with religious beliefs of any kind. As a gift giver, the last thing you want to do is potentially write anything that could be deemed offensive by the receiver. Ideally, the intent behind a baby shower gift card is to commemorate the arrival of a brand new member of the human race. It should be your sincerest hope that the child will grow to become an amazing adult, loaded with promise as the wheel of life keeps on turning, one day at a time.

While writing on the baby shower card, it’s entirely up to you if you wish to keep it short and simple or if you want to go into something lengthier. Our ten suggestions as far as thoughts go in regard to what should be written on a baby shower card focus more on the celebratory occasion, along with the hope each baby experiences a lifetime that has far more ups than downs. As ideal as it is to lead a perfect life without so much as a single hardship, this is simply not possible as the world continues to behave like an out-of-control amusement park ride.

How that ride is handled is up to each person. As far as babies are concerned, their lives first rest in the hands of every single caregiver that becomes involved. How that care is given will determine what kind of road that baby is in store for. So, again, as you state your best thoughts and wishes on a baby shower card, your best bet is to take both the baby and their parent(s) in mind.

10 Best Thoughts to Write on a Baby Shower Card

#10 – K.I.S.

K.I.S. is an acronym for Keep It Simple. The best thoughts to right on a baby shower card usually only need a few words to share your support in regards to the baby’s arrival. While “Congratulations” or “Congrats” may seem too generic among card writers who want a bit more substance, simply go with something like “Hey, Congrats!” as that is a slight step away from the norm. If you want to add to that, go with something like “Hey, baby! Congratulations, kid!” as it’s simply to the point with a slight twist.

# 9 – Prayers

Among religious communities, one of the most important practices they engage in is prayers. Whenever a newborn has joined families who faithfully practice religion, odds are a flurry of prayers has already begun as an appeal to God that the baby and its family will enjoy as many blessings as possible. If you also happen to be a believer, simply write down a little prayer. Should you struggle with exactly what kind of prayer to mark down, simply go with something like “May God bless you and keep you in all your days.” If that seems too generic, try something like “Sincerest thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family as you celebrate God’s greatest miracle.” Among the Christian community, you can tweak it a bit with “Sincerest thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family as you celebrate God’s greatest miracle in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

# 8 – Thankfulness

Odds are if you’ve been invited to a baby shower this means you’re close enough to the family to share such an awesome occasion. Simply saying thank you inside the greeting card is one of the best thoughts you can express on paper. Something like “Thank you for sharing your blessing” is quite popular among members of the religious community. Without putting religion into it, “Thank you for letting me share this special day with you” is enough to show your appreciation. This tends to go a long way with the parent(s) as they’ll likely see you as someone who has a positive attitude. People like this they’ll be more willing to hang around their children, perhaps even as caregivers should there be an occasion that calls for it.

#7 – Poetry

A sweet little poem about the baby’s arrival is one thoughtful way to extend your greeting on a baby shower card. It can be simple enough, such as “Roses are red, violets are blue. Your baby rocks and so do you.” Should the baby join the family of country music fans, you can perhaps go with something from Alan Jackson’s “Little Bitty,” specifically this verse;

“A little bitty baby in a little bitty gown

It’ll grow up in a little bitty town

Big yellow bus and little bitty books

It all started with a little bitty look”

# 6 – Ribbers

By our definition, Ribbers is an opportunity to offer a humorous greeting as you write something down on a baby shower card. If the desire is there to nudge the funny bone, go with something like “So, you did nine months of hard time. What’s it like to get out?” If you don’t want the jail theme, you can always go with “Here’s rockin’ with you, kid!” If you want to add a bit of kick to the second quote, scribble in either a familiar music symbol or a little bar of music notes.

# 5 – Borrowing Famous Lines

Probably one of the most famous lines ever quoted is “Here’s looking at you, kid!” This was Humphrey Bogart’s line that came from the 1942 romantic classic, Casablanca. Who would have thought a simple little movie would become such a cult classic that still remains insanely popular today? This was a line delivered to the recipient as a means to recognize who they are as a person that shows so much promise. If you want, twist that line a bit with “Here’s looking at you, babe!”

# 4 – Blessings

With or without religion playing a factor in the baby’s birth and upbringing, casting our blessings as part of your greeting card’s message has incredible value. Regardless if the parents have a religious affiliation or not, the sharing of blessings suggests the birth of a new baby is a good thing. That’s what blessings are technically supposed to be about. Offering a blessing is equivalent to offering your own support as someone who is happy to see the arrival of a newborn. Even writing something as simple as “Blessings to you” makes a statement that it’s your wish that fate will bring nothing but the best life has to offer to the baby and their entire family. This greeting is simple and to the point. If you favor the religious route, you can always go with “Blessings to you in Jesus’ name” or “May God bless you and keep you. Amen.”

# 3 – Happiness

Usually, the birth of a baby is a happy occasion. The arrival of a newborn brings forth the promise of a child that will grow up to become an outstanding adult that will carry on a family’s legacy. Certain quotes such as “So happy for you!” are simple enough and straight to the point. Although this may sound generic, it also happens to be an honest greeting. Ideally, you should be happy for the proud new parent(s) that has just welcomed a beautiful new baby that has become the most important person in their life. If you’re close enough to the baby’s family, perhaps you’ll play an integral role in their upbringing. If your happiness is sincere enough, odds are you’re looking forward to becoming one of the baby’s favorite heroes.

# 2 – Picture This…

It is often quoted that a picture says a thousand words. If you have a talent as a scribbling artist, why not simply share your thoughts in the form of a pic drawn out by you? Even a simple drawing of a smaller heart sitting inside a larger heart with a singular word inside such as “Congrats!” or “Blessings!” should be sufficient enough to send your message across. You can make your picture drawing as simple or as detailed as you like, pending on how well you work with the pen as an artist. Whether or not you choose to add words to the pic you’ve drawn is up to you. Maybe the word “Congrats!” can be done artfully on its own.

If you’re a bit nervous to draw a pic on your own, you can always work with stencils. I did this when I worked with two boys whose mother was pregnant with her third child. While I encouraged them to work with stickers, I stenciled a baby carriage where I simply wrote “Congrats!” inside it. I actually handed the entire stencil kit to the parents in its own envelope after giving them the card. This way, the opportunity was theirs to keep using it. It was definitely a step away from the norm. This one wound up becoming one of two baby shower cards she shared on Facebook as a proud mom who especially enjoyed them.

#1 – Make it Stick

Sometimes, a cute little sticker of a pic or quote inside the baby shower card can say so much as you offer your friendly greeting. Again, sometimes a simple pic says more than a simple greeting. In some cases, a sticker can serve as a background where you can write something inside it. I personally did something like this a few years ago when a cousin was about to give birth to her third child. The firstborn was seven years old at the time and the secondborn was five years old. They wanted to do something special so the three of us worked together on a baby greeting card that left plenty of room inside to work with.

I purchased a sticker pack that had a baby theme in mind. Each kid chose which side of the card’s interior they wanted to apply the stickers to. The one we used is the same one you see in the pic shared here. The sticker with the stork had lines that they used to print their names in. I never wrote in it myself as I wanted this to be something strictly from the kids. For them, it was two brothers sharing the joy of a new sibling that was on the way. We didn’t know if it was going to be a boy or a girl at the time we did the card so we kept it neutral. We held onto it until the birth of the baby happened. Once we learned it was a girl, the boys applied the “It’s a girl” stickers along the already closed seal of the envelope the card sat in.

What’s great about this route as the best thought option for a baby shower card is the opportunity to take a giant leap away from the norm. This is especially true when there are small kids involved who’d like to extend their best wishes as well. For kids, when opportunities are given to do more than merely spectate the arrival of a new baby, there is an increased chance they won’t feel left out. This is really important as the older sibling may experience some jealousy when they realize they’re not getting as much attention as they feel they deserve.

When we did the sticker approach as our brand of best thoughts to write on a baby shower card, we wound up starting a trend in our little social circle. What’s cool about the stickers, even among adults, is the odd one can have a simple word or two written inside. It’s been three years since we gave the stickered-up baby shower card to the mom and it’s the only one she chose to open up and frame on the wall.

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