10 Best Places To Set Up A Baby Registry

The 10 Best Places To Set Up A Baby Registry list serves as the ultimate go-to when it comes to finding everything the precious newborn needs. For first-time parents, there is no greater joy than bringing a new life into a world they hope will be kind to the newest member of their family. There is also no greater fear. So many questions come to mind when a first-time mother, as well as a first-time father, meet with the reality they are about to embark on uncharted territory. While the miracle of childbirth isn’t anything new, becoming a parent for the first time for a person is. Upon learning a child is on the way, the eagerness to make sure everything is ready before it arrives becomes a top priority. This is where creating a baby registry comes in handy. It serves as a vital checklist to make sure you cover everything the baby needs. As the new mom waits for the birth of her child, those closest to the woman can use the registry she’s created to provide gifts. Baby showers are among the most common celebrations after a mother gives birth to her child. It’s a form of fellowship that presents the newborn as the star of the show, as well as the strong human being who took on the challenge of parenthood.

Ideally, a baby registry should have all the bases covered when it comes to baby care. This method of organization has been a useful tool for parents long before the internet revolutionized how such lists are done. Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to rely on whatever you can find at brick-and-mortar-style shops. You can just as easily gather everything you need by making good use of e-commerce sites that’ve made a niche out of behaving like online shopping malls that have everything a buying customer can hope for. When it comes to setting up a baby registry, there are some really good ones that take into consideration everything needed as a convenient one-stop shop. Ten of those are included in the list we’ve assembled here.

10 Best Places to Set Up a Baby Registry

#10 – IKEA

In 2017, IKEA began offering a baby registry for expecting parents to find inexpensive options to fill up the nursery. As far as prices go, IKEA is hard to beat. The quality level of the items in this Swedish-based store is actually better than the pricing suggests. Where it lacks in selection it makes up for affordability and simplicity. For minimalists, this is great. There is also a chip-in feature that allows baby shower guests to each pitch in on bigger ticket items to help offset some of the costs. Five years after Ingvar Kamprad’s mail-order business began in 1943, he began to sell furniture. Now well into the twenty-first century, there are over four hundred IKEA locations throughout the world. With the internet taking the place of snail mail ordering, IKEA continues to make a niche out of selling goods at reasonable prices, opting to stick with simple instead of something complex.

Ikea Registry

#9 – The Tot

For high-quality, non-toxic products for babies, The Tot makes an ideal baby registry. As soon as choices and preferences are narrowed down, it boils down to what The Tot has in its inventory that covers what’s needed for the baby. Mostly everything a parent needs for their newborn is found here. Is the selection as vast as Amazon’s? No, but for parents more concerned about products made from organically favorable materials, The Tot’s baby registry service is more than good enough. The Tot has specialized in this niche since it was founded by Miroslava Duma and Nasiba Adilova in 2015.

The Tot Registry

#8 – Babylist

While Babylist has its own shop and baby registry, it allows the option for a registrant to add items on it from any other store. This behaves like a universal registry, allowing you to pool the resources from other stores specializing in baby products into one convenient list. Among shoppers preferring to support independent shops and designers, Babylist would be the option worth considering. Since 2011, it has made a niche out of offering unique baby registry products and services to parents who may want something a bit out of the norm.


#7 – Crate & Kids

For a baby registry that focuses on organic goods, Crate & Kids would be a good choice to make as it is a shop that focuses on anything to do with kids. This is the spawn of Crate & Barrel, a curator-type company that has over one hundred stores and franchise partners in nine countries. Originally founded in 1961, by Gordon and Carole Segal, the company has gone a long way since is Chicago, Illinois roots. Since the beginning, the focus of Crate & Barrel displayed and sold imported goods from all over the world. As for Crate & Kids, this started off as The Land of Nod in 2001 before a name change in 2018. With thirty-eight brick-and-mortar stores and an online outlet, Crate & Kids offers furnishings, home decor, and gifts in its baby registry program. While the list of options isn’t as extensive as giants like Amazon and Walmart have, it’s still a great resource to find something the others might not have.


#6 – Pottery Barn

If you don’t mind a higher price point, Pottery Barn offers a great baby registry service to help get a full list of what’s needed for the occasion. The appeal behind the baby-related items here is the quality that goes into the products. Furthermore, the designs take a step away from what some parents may feel is a lack of creativity found in items typically sold at big box stores like Target and Walmart. Whether it’s visiting a brick-and-mortar store or online, Pottery Barn’s baby registry focuses on helping a parent find everything that’s needed. Pottery Barn has been in business since 1949. One cool feature Pottery barn has is an augmented reality app that allows buyers to virtually place various Pottery Barn products into a room so they can see if the design scheme works for them. This is great for a parent setting up a nursery and wants to make good use of some tech to help them do it.

Pottery Barn Registry

#5 – MyRegistry.com

What’s great about MyRegistry.com is the universal reach it has to find baby-related items on the internet. It will access other online stores in search of adding items best suited for the baby’s needs. It also has a free concierge service that answers whatever questions come to mind revolving around the baby registry. This is a website that specializes in the need for a registry to cover specific needs and services. MyRegistry.com began in 2005 when Oded Berkowitz founded the company out of Fort Lee, New Jersey. It acts as a third-party generator, using software applications to reel in a full list of who all can best accommodate the needs listed on a baby registry.


#4 – Buy Buy Baby

With over one hundred locations throughout the United States, Buy Buy Baby is a convenient brick-and-mortar store should the new mom and baby live close enough to access one. As such, the advantage to pick up a Goody Bag after using its baby registry is accessible. The bag is worth about $40.00 USD that features a collection of samples and coupons. Buy Buy Baby does have an online baby registry, as well as the ability to deliver ordered products to the designated address it’s supposed to go to. Buy Buy Baby thrives on the value of giving, which it does in return when registrants engage in its referral program. As a seller, covering all of a baby’s needs is Buy Buy Baby’s niche. Finding everything needed for the baby won’t be difficult here.


#3 – Walmart

In 1988, Walmart began to build a collection of supercenters with the intent to serve as the ultimate department store for shoppers who’d rather have all their consumer needs taken care of under the luxury of one roof. Before becoming the multi-city, multi-nation shopping giant we know today, Walmart originally started off as Walton’s 5 & 10 in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 1950. As a chain, Walmart began in 1962, starting in Bentonville’s neighboring community, Rogers. Thanks to the incredible success of Walmart as a discount department store that also doubles as a grocery store, it stands head over shoulders over the competition as a go-to outlet for the average North American family. For years, Walmart was the “it” choice when it came to baby registries. According to many expecting moms, it still is. Now with an online option to go about it, Walmart’s popularity as a baby registry still keeps it among the best of the best when it comes to making sure new moms get everything they need for their upcoming bundle of joy.

Walmart Registry

#2 – Target

Whether as a brick-and-mortar store or online, Target has been an American favorite one-stop shop ever since it first opened up in 1902 as Goodfellow Dry Goods. Over the years, a number of name changes took place before finally settling on Target in 1962. Originally, Target was designed as a discount division to Dayton’s Department Store, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since then, Target grew as a corporate giant. As a physical store shoppers can go to, this is still a favorite option for customers wanting to hold something in their hands before making an actual purchase. It’s also easier to either return or exchange the item should there be a reason for it. Sometimes, the online option may seem easy enough but can prove to be really inconvenient, especially if it’s a last-minute purchase. As for someone using Target’s gift registry as an opportunity to work with a list to build on, this is as handy of a place as any to do so. It also offers a great welcome kit gift box, usually valued at $150.00 USD. Like most other packages like this, it’s a mix of samples and coupons for a new parent to use.


#1 – Amazon

Who knew an online bookstore would turn into a shopping giant that has anything and everything a shopper could hope to find on the internet? Amazon’s humble beginnings have certainly gone a long way since 1994 when it started off as Calabra, Inc. As a one-stop shop, Amazon reigns supreme over any other service of its kind on the internet. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon’s prominence as the go-to for whatever a person needed rose considerably. Already the most popular online shopping outlet before the pandemic, Amazon’s ability to deliver goods and services remains unparalleled. When it comes to setting up a baby registry, you’re offered to either create one or find one. Whichever route you choose, you have access to all the info you need to ensure that you have the most complete baby registry list possible.

Amazon Registry

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